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Italy Morandi Wine di Morandi Denis
Grappa Burbero Wine; Burbero wines
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It all began because a boy asked that his grandfather’s vineyard should not be forgotten. The dream of that boy (now an adult), is to let as many people as possible, taste his wine. The decisions taken in the past and the passion for that vineyard and its memories are what makes this wine so full of character.
It celebrates Sangiovese, our traditional grape variety.
We handpick the grapes and selec them with care and then wait with expectation for time to work its magic.
Our cellar today, is located in a restored building which was once the original cellar. Here, there are cement vats which are an important factor when the wine begins its first process and wher micro-oxygenation can take place.
There are also stainless steel vats, which are used for the wine making.
These allow the temperature to be controlled during the fermentation of the must.
It may be necessary to keep it under a certain level.

We planted my vineyard to Sangiovese in 2004. I consider it a particularly rich and special place.
My company is relatively new, even if we have always made wine in the traditional way, handed down by my grandfather. He learnt from his father in the same way and so we have given ourselves the task of making a high quality wine.
For this, a machine gently presses the grapes.
Cement vats are used to house the wine and we consider this perfect for our wine-making.
Stainless steel vats are ideal for the wine-making process.
I don’t do this all on my own!
My thanks to all those who help and support me to make this boy’s dream come true.


We concentrate all our efforts on one wine. We have called it “Burbero” which is a typical word in the Tuscan dialect to describe a seemingly argumentative person, who, on better acquaintance, proves to be loveable.
This wine comes from grapes grown in a small vineyard .
Sangiovese is typical of our tradition because the area is particularly suitable for vineyards planted to this grape variety.
The grapes are hand-picked and taken in trays to our small cellar wher there is a selection process by hand to eliminate any leaves or unripe grapes which would give a grassy taste.
The grapes are gently pressed by machine, thus preventing any damage.
This process produces a wine with smooth tannins.
Fermentation is carried out in small vats at a controlled temperature and the wine is left for 10 – 11 months.
The wine is finished in the bottle for between 6 – 9 months.
You can appreciate and enjoy the aromas and tastes of traditional Tuscany.

Description of a critic

Nicely rounded fresh plum and raspberry on the nose,with a delicate, balanced floreal edge. Full-to-medium-bodied, The noise is classic Sangiovese and the palate is super fresh.

Description that is located on the label

We pay meticulous attention in the vineyard to keep yields low and make a rigorous selection during the harvest, to ensure that only the finest grapes are used to make this wine. After a natural fermentation process the wine is aged in cement tanks, then in bottle,
after which the wine offers the best expression of its natural character.

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Company Name: Italy Morandi Wine di Morandi Denis
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Area: Southern Europe/Italy
Employee : 50-99 people
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Year Established: 2004
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Business model: Manufacturer,Trader
Business scope: Grappa Burbero Wine; Burbero wines
Sales of products: Grappa Burbero Wine; Burbero wines
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